Aquarius MTF 101 Tap water Filter


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For all of you who are students or have low water consumption, for you who have rooms to let, Airbnb houses, a holiday home that you visit during the summer, and for you who love travelling and want to to have access to clean and safe water, Aquarius K8 offers you the solution!

Small, but αποefficient water filter, with 4 filtration stages for the most effective filtration of the water that comes to your glass through the tap!

1st stage :

    • Microporous PP cotton that removes small sediments, dust and turbitudes from water

2nd stage :

    • Activated carbon from coconut shell, to remove chlorine, trihalomethanes and other organic compounds that may be present in the water.

3rd stage :

    • Microporous PP cotton for effective retention of the filtration stages and the simultaneous retention of very small visible particles

4th stage :

    • Natural ceramic spheres for the retention of inorganic compounds that may be found in the water and the partial softening of the water.

The package contains two replacement filters, each for three months of use or 350 litres of water, whichever comes first.After the 3 months, place the second replacement filter. Comes with the appropriate adapters for fitting to any type of tap (shower-type taps excluded).

The tap filter Aquarius MTF 101 can be used in water supply networks observed by local laws and regulations. These networks are considered safe, except in few cases of network damage and hypochlorination that may lead to contamination of water.

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